Acne Causes and Symptoms
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Acne Causes and Symptoms: 10 Mistakes That Are Making Your Acne Worse

Bad ole day, huh? We've all been there with the constant paranoia of our next breakout. But the real question is how do we find acne causes, and tackle those tiny little monsters? Chances are you're not doing it right. But, worry no more my friend. We have got your back. We have chalked down an easy yet comprehensive guide to help you get back on track with your sudden acne breakouts in no time. Read on to know the true culprits for your acne, and find a way to win the war!

What is Acne?

First things first, what in the world is acne? To break it down, acne are tiny bubbles on the surface of your skin formed due to the overaccumulation of oil and dead skin cells. You may have heard of them as pimples.

Acne Causes

What causes acne? There isn't a specific cause for acne. It varies from individual to individual. Acne causes tend to revolve around diet changes, hormonal changes, and a bad skincare routine. With the fast-paced lifestyle routine of today, it is quite difficult to give your skin the love and care it deserves.

Signs and Symptoms of Acne

(Content For Infographic: Symptoms of Acne:

  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Papules
  • Pustules
  • Nodules
  • Cysts

We’ve all heard about the different types of acne. Some people say they have sudden acne breakouts whereas others say they have stress acne. Thinking about all the different ways your skin is flawed can be quite intimidating. But, at the grass-root level, it’s a lot less complicated.

In short, acne can either be inflammatory or non-inflammatory. inflammatory acne is quite simple. it's just that actually that increase is inflammation in the skin. It can be in the form of cysts, nodules, papules, or even pustules.

Okay. We totally understand. It’s information overload. Let’s break it down to the signs and symptoms of acne.

First up at the top of the leader board are cysts. These are extremely painful and take longer than eternity to go away.

Next up is nodules. Imagine a nodule to be a large, firm red bump. That's exactly what a nodule is. As a painful counterpart to papules, these occur deep within the skin. Another form of severe acne is pustules and papules. These are the "classic" features of a pimple. Even though they are the same, their only difference is that pustules contain pus, and papules don't.

On the other end of the scale, we have those types of acne that don't cause any pain or inflammation. Also referred to as 'comedones', blackheads and whiteheads are common symptoms of oily skin.

Blackheads are semi-clogged pores that turn black when exposed to oxygen. Whiteheads are their counterpart and are completely clogged pores that appear as white bumps on the skin.

10 Mistakes That Makes Your Acne Worse

  • Avoid Acne Hacks
  • Too Little or Too Much Cleansing
  • Harsh Skincare Products
  • Unclean Phone Screen
  • Picking
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle and Diet
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Avoiding Moisturizing
  • Hidden Causes

Have you ever heard the fact that acne lasts only during your teens? Well, honey, let me tell you. That's a total myth. We see acne so often that we've practically become best friends. Treating acne is long and tricky. What if your little friend is adamant and stubborn? Chances are you're probably not doing it right.

Here are the top acne mistakes to avoid in your skincare regime.

1. Avoid Acne Hacks

We've all been there. Scrolling through the viral skincare reels of Instagram and testing them to see if they work. The real question is are they of any help? Experts say that self-diagnosis is a common method of increasing your acne. Trying out different ingredients and products on your skin may not always be fruitful. In short, asking for help is always handy!

2. Cleansing Too Little or Too Much

There's always this big question mark that arises when it comes to how often we should wash our faces. Some people wash their face literally every 15 minutes, or some don't do it all.

Well, I hate to break it to you my friend, both of these approaches are absolutely WRONG! Washing your face extensively strips your skin of its natural oils. Your skin produces more oil to compensate for the lost nutrients.

On the other hand, not washing your face at all can lead to over-accumulation of dirt and debris, clogging your pores. That's why we recommend you wash your face at least twice a day regularly.

3. Extensive Use of Harsh Products

Did you know that being harsh on your skin can actually cause acne? That's why it is a strict no-no. Harsh exfoliants and scrubs do more harm than good, especially for people with acne-prone or sensitive skin.

Your skin deserves all the love and care it can get. Try using natural, fruit-based ingredients. If getting rid of acne is your top priority, then try getting your hands on Bayla's Watermelon Acne-Defense and Hydrating Sleeping Mask.

It's time to join the new acne routine, and kill'em with kindness.

4. Don't Clean Your Phone Screen

Browsing through your Instagram feed or texting your best friend can actually cause acne. I'm sorry- what? Yep, it's true. Your phone screen can actually cause acne. But how? When you scroll through your phone, your fingers transfer the germs and bacteria to the screen, and in turn, your face. These can actually lead to acne on your cheeks. That's why we advise you to wipe your phone regularly.

5. Picking

Whenever we get a pimple, we tend to pick at it. It's no surprise. But, doing so actually damages your skin, causing further inflammation. Wondering how to get rid of your acne? The answer's simple. Don't Pick at Your Acne.

6. Unhealthy Diet

The foods you eat can determine the acne causes. Having a healthy, nutritious diet is a good way to keep your acne at bay. Fill your diet with plenty of green leafy veggies, fruits, grains, etc.

7. Lack of Exercise

Not having a proper exercise and fitness routine can aggravate acne. Therefore, having a regular fitness schedule is a good acne treatment. Try sweating out, and releasing all the toxins in your body.

In a nutshell, the key to happy, healthy skin is to not turn into a couch potato.

8. Not Moisturizing

Acne-prone skin is quite dry and demands a good quality moisturizer to quench your skin's thirst. Don't skip the essential step of moisturizing your skin. Try a non-comedogenic to keep your skin healthy, and acne at bay.

9. Not Being Regular

Treating acne causes doesn't happen overnight. The key to acne-free skin is consistency. Therefore, it is pivotal for you to maintain a regular skincare routine. Don't stop even if things clear up. Your main goal? Eat, Sleep, Breath skincare.

10. Hidden Causes

So you've changed your diet, started to moisturize, and wash your face regularly, but your acne is still not clear? Try to switch it up. Some things you can do is to change your pillowcases regularly and avoid irritating hair care products.

All in all, acne can be treated. All it takes is a few switcheroos in your routine, and you're all set!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is my acne getting worse all of a sudden?

Sudden acne breakouts are due to several reasons including unhealthy eating, hormonal changes, excessive stress, and much more. If you're looking for ways to keep your acne at bay, try maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

2. How long does acne get worse before it gets better?

Wondering how long an acne treatment takes? Well, it depends on your skin. As every individual's skin is unique, the time frame tends to vary. Experts say that typically, it should be gone with the wind within four to six weeks of starting your new routine. If your purge lasts longer, it's better to contact your dermatologist.

3. Does drinking water help with acne?

Water helps with acne. Is it a fact or a myth? Well, let's find out. Several studies suggest that staying hydrated keeps your acne in control, as it avoids clogs pores.

4. How can I stop my acne from getting worse?

Acne can be quite overwhelming. But, not anymore. With a few switcheroos in your daily routine, you can stop your acne from getting worse.

Try washing your face a few times with warm water and mild soap. If you have an acne face wash, there's nothing like it. Be gentle to your skin. The key to clearing acne is love and care towards your skin, so don't be harsh.

5. Does ice help acne?

Does ice help acne? Let's find out. Ice is used to decrease redness to make the pimple look less prominent. However, it will not eliminate it completely. So, if you're looking for a temporary solution, ice is the best way to go.

6. Does putting toothpaste on acne help?

The latest rumor of applying toothpaste on acne to reduce it has been hitting the headlines. But does it really help? Well, I hate to break it to you, it doesn't. It's not worth the risk even though it has ingredients that can aid in reducing acne.

7. How do I stop stress acne?

Stress and acne go hand in hand. There are ways you can reduce your stress acne. Try avoiding sugary and caffeinated foods, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With a few switches in your daily routine, you can stop your stress acne.

8. Does lack of sleep cause acne?

Lack of sleep does cause acne. It causes fluctuations in hormones, leading to acne. Did you know that lack of sleep is one of the three major acne triggers? So, try to get proper sleep, and rise early.

9. Can acne treatments make acne worse?

Does an acne treatment worsen acne? The answer is Yes. Acne treatments tend to contain active ingredients that may be a bit drying and harsh to your sin. When used frequently, they can irritate, and result in severe breakouts.

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