Product Development Journey

We go above and beyond to create moments of joy and care just for you. Want to know what really goes into making these amazing products for you?

Read on to unlock the behind-the-scenes @ The Bayla HQ.

Step 1

We Listen

For us, YOU are our first priority. None of our products is made just for getting another feather in our portfolio. We keep it simple and real. You talk, we listen and jot down notes. From those tiny blackheads to more complicated skin concerns, our passionate team at Bayla HQ is ALWAYS ready to be your comrade.

Step 2

We Formulate

Then, it's time to get our thinking hats on. With a team of experienced dermatologists, formulators, and other professionals, we formulate a wellness transformation journey you'll love. From curating the best nature and science-backed ingredients to creating a solution that is good for you, we create our secret formula.

At Bayla, quality is key. Our vegan products undergo umpteen iterations to be amazing for you. Fun-Fact: We take 16 months approximately just to formulate a SINGLE PRODUCT! Our secret mantra? A sensorial experience. The looks, feel, aroma, touch, and performance are all part of the experience because, for us, it's not just another product on the shelves, but moments of joy and care.

Step 3

We Test

Our vegan skincare doesn't leave the Bayla lab without being tested. There are a few fancy gadgets out there that get the job done, and no, one of them is NOT animal testing. As one of the vegan skincare brands in India, we're 100% cruelty-free and treat our furry companions with the love and respect they deserve.

Once our R&D team and the scientific equipment have ticked off the performance scorecard, it's time to get them screened by our dermatologists. If our dermatologists give the green signal, our products are sent to the Bayla community and our fellow Bayliens for them to experience the product in all aspects and share their candid feedback. It's a cycle, just so that we don't cut any corners when it comes to quality.

Step 4

Yes, No, Maybe So?

For every product, we make many iterations so that you get what you deserve. Once we tweak, we gather every piece of feedback we possibly can get our hands-on, and scrutinize them to the minuscule details. Is our product addressing your needs and concerns effectively or is it not? If it's a yes, it's approved! if it's a maybe or a no, we discard and reformulate. It happens way too often, trust us!

Step 5

Design Time

Don't you think these good-for-you products should look cute and fun on the shelves? Yep, we sure do! This is where our design team inject their magic with their tools and gadgets to make your skin smile. Patterns, colours, catchy tag lines, you name it, they've got it!

Step 6

To The Digital Shelves

After several, and we mean SEVERAL tweaks and changes, our product is ready for you. Get ready to meet your new companion and get baelified!

Creating products? It's not a piece of cake. But, with a pinch of thought, love, and passion, we're all set to spread the cheer!