Ever notice dry, flaky patches on your skin? Chances are you've got dry skin. It's when your skin loses its moisture. Whether you wash your hands excessively, take long, hot showers, or when the temperatures drop, your skin is stripped of its natural oils and water, leaving it parched & dry. Quench your skin's thirst with products packed with hydrating skin care ingredients. If you're looking for skin care products for dry skin, shop around to find the right fit for your skin to increase your skin's moisture levels! 


1. How do hydration skincare products work? 

Products packed with hydrating skin care ingredients infuse your skin with water to keep it plump, as well as protect your skin's barrier so that the water is not evaporated from the skin. 

2. Can I use hydration skincare products if I have oily skin? 

Absolutely! Even if you've got oily skin, your skin needs to be hydrated to regulate oil production. If you skip it, your skin, in turn, produces more oil to hydrate itself. The key to hydrating oily skin is to look for water-based or gel formulas to replenish your skin's moisture, instead of adding to the oil with oil-based moisturisers.