1. Are your products 100% Natural?

We maximize the use of natural and nature-derived ingredients in our products, but we’ll be honest: our products are not 100% natural. Many brands group nature-derived chemicals, such as SLS, as “natural” because it is derived from coconut oil (just as an example). Nothing could be farther from the truth. We believe that the classification we’ve followed is transparent – in keeping with our values.

If we could make things 100% natural we make them, like our Angel Eyes Kohl Kajal, and Hello Aloe Caring Day Moisturizer. Science allows us to formulate great products that work, by combining the best of natural goodies and absolutely safe synthetic stuff, and we are practitioners of that science. We guarantee, however, that our products are 100% safe, and we stay away from even doubtful ingredients. You can read a full list of our natural, nature-derived and safe chemical ingredients, as well as the ingredients we avoid, here.

2. Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

We believe all of them are, and we especially keep in mind sensitive skin types while formulating. There's also acollection of the gentlest among the gentle products suitable for sensitive skin. However, it was always recommended for people with sensitive skin to patch test any new product on a small patch on their forearm before using them more widely.

3. Are your products vegan?

Yes. Our products are 100% vegan and vegetarian.

Plum is PETA certified. What does this mean?

A PETA certification means we are 100% vegan & cruelty-free, i.e. we don't use animal-derived ingredients & we don't test our products on animals. Guaranteed.

4. You use SLES in your products. Is it safe?

SLES is a safe surfactant and unfortunately got is name sullied due to its close resemblance to SLS, a proven harsh surfactant and skin irritant. You can read about the differences here.

5. How long is each product safe to use?

Once opened, use each product within 6 months to ensure you extract the most amount of goodness from it, however, the unopened product will expire 2 years after the manufacturing date