Thoughtful Skincare

A holistic and sensorial experience designed to give the love and care your skin needs. At Bayla, we believe skincare is an experience, and we'd love to be with you by your side on the big day.

But, what's our secret to a phenomenal experience? It's simple! #TLH is all it takes. Let's break it down.

T For Thought

It's all in the details. At Bayla, we strive to give your skin a companion to help you cross each hurdle with confidence. That's why each product is curated after countless iterations and screening to give your skin the love and care it truly deserves! Fun fact- Did you know it takes us 16 months on average to formulate these amazing-for-you products?

To go above and beyond the ordinary curve, our ears are open to ground zero, because, there's no greater star than you. Our professional experts work on new products infused with cutting-edge technology and the harmonious nuances of fruits, super ingredients, and other skincare ingredients. Everything that comes out of the Bayla Lab is scrutinized to the minuscule details to give you the experience to love.

Thoughtful Skincare
Made with Love

L For Love

At Bayla, passion and dedication is our mantra. We believe skincare is a journey rather than a destination. Every product is crafted with love and joy to ignite your inner spark. We, at Bayla, believe natural skincare is a journey to unveil the real YOU and love you for what you are and not what you ought to be.

We want you to indulge yourself for a pamper night and take selfies with your clique to capture memories to be cherished for a lifetime. We want you to embrace the natural you all day, every day. Momma's got your back covered at all times. It's time to get your game face ready to conquer the world. Are you ready?

H for Honesty

There are no compromises when it comes to honest skincare. That's why at the Bayla Lab, we strive to create an ecosystem of transparency and truth for you.

We want you to know exactly what's going on your skin and how much of it. Harmful chemicals and other active ingredients are a strict NO-NO! To keep you in the loop about what goes on your skin and what ingredients to avoid in skincare, we've crafted an Ingredient Glossary to understand the true benefits of each element of your product. All the ingredients are disclosed without fail, not just on the website but on the packaging as well!

Are you all set to keep the nasties at bay with Bayla? Whatcha waiting for? Join the skincare revolution with Bayla by your side!

Honest Skincare Brand