Decoding Winter Skincare Routine: From Flaky to Fantastic
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Decoding Winter Skincare Routine: From Flaky to Fantastic

Winters are up and there you go, pulling your jackets and comforters to stay cozy all the time. But wait, what about your skin? Didn't think much? Your skin is the one that gets affected pretty quickly by the cold air.

Worry not, we've got you covered. Move your eyes to these last-minute reads that will save your winters. And, could we also tell you about a nice winter skincare routine?

Well, why not? Don't you ever keep this hesitation in your head, coz we just read your mind! Ready to shout out to all your skin needs this winter? Awesome, let's do it.

Why winters can be hard?

Winter's icy grip doesn't just look like movie actors dancing on beats, in the snow (biting temperatures). It's actually tough.

Winters smash your skin with bitter winds that can leave it dry, flaky, and irritated. Forget about the glow, your skin loses its basic moisture when exposed to cold air- that's the primary reason for dryness. All this cold season, it's hard for your skin cells to come up with new ones, at a fast pace. This is why your skin turns rough, lacks lustre, and surrenders to dullness. 

A compromised barrier makes your skin feel irritated and itchy when you apply products or just have a walk, out in winter. That's sensitivity! Plus, getting up from those warm blankets is such a task. What if you got up, to do your winter skincare routine, all wrong? Nightmare - is the word! Well, we won't let that bad luck happen to touch you.

How to gear up?

Some people sum up their winter skincare routine with just a moisturiser. Seriously? That's so unfair to your skin! It needs the utmost attention and care in this season of the year. Let's pick you a good-to-go winter skincare routine and some of the best skincare products for winter that can act & adapt according to your skin needs.

  1. Swap your Cleanser: Cleansing your face is never about removing all the oil that your skin has- you must leave the essential ones, intact. So, get a gentle cleanser that does some good cleaning and ditch those harsh, stripping cleansers that repel your skin from its natural oils. If your skin's a dry one, then you can try Bayla's Raspberry, Liquorice, and Hyaluronic Acid-packed Face Wash. It washes away all the dirt from your skin, leaving your skin clean with plenty of hydration.
  2. Hydration is a Holy Grail: If you're making up your mind to target dryness, then aim to grab the moisture as much as possible. Try opting for formulas that have ceramides or hyaluronic acid which can help your skin retain moisture for longer hours. Bayla's Avo-Barrier Strengthening Moisturiser is packed with three essential ceramides- Rice Extract, Avocado Extract, and Sodium Hyaluronate. It replenishes your skin's protective barriers and keeps your skin close to the right moisture! Hello soft & supple skin!
  3. Don't forget the SPF: You think the sun's hiding and you can roam freely? Not really! Those pesky UV rays can still sneak through the clouds and do damage to your skin. Apply sunscreen every single day, without getting fooled over by the silly tricks of the weather. If you want a two-in-one deal in sunscreen, then you can get Bayla's Avo-Good Day Sunscreen SPF 35+ with Niacinamide. It's a hybrid-broad spec sunscreen that blends and feels seamless. It does both jobs well- protecting your skin from the sun and nourishing your skin from within. Now that's a steal!
  4. Get the Right Nutrients: This frosty winter calls out some tasty fruits on your plate. Do we even need to tell, that how fresh fruits and green veggies can help you get results on your skin in the most organic way? They're packed with so much- vitamins, essential minerals, and antioxidants that align with their goodness to give you healthy-looking skin. Get your winter-ready glow from nature in the form of Apples, Grapes, Berries, Oranges, Spinach, Carrots, Beetroots, and more.

Winter Warmth: The Bonus

We love giving you a bonus with every read. So, here are some winter skincare tips that can help you conquer the chill.

  1. Say no to extra spice - in your life as well as in your diet, too!
  2. Don't scrape your skin off in the name of exfoliation!
  3. Your lips get chapped too, get a hydrating lip balm for them.
  4. Wear a scarf to save yourself from the cold & your skin from getting dull.
  5. If something turns unbearable on your skin, seek help from your dermat.

The Showdown

That sums up our word for this winter. The world is ruled by people who follow their guts. And, people can have different choices - Some love the summer sun, others the winter chill, right? Self-care isn't just a hot topic in the seasons like summer. Even winter can be the time when you pamper your skin and give it all that it needs. To say, days are warm and nights feel colder. So, what do you do? Look! We just wanna tell you that winter beauty is real and this, is a sign to set your winter mood.

Bring on the coziness and the warmth. Show some love to your skin. You know you can blow all those winter blues by doing your thing- taking up a super-easy winter skincare routine. Plus, whenever you integrate your trust in the process, you never think of challenging the consistency. Go get your skin out of those shadows of dryness and let it radiate like a winter sun! Happy Winters #baelified fam! ❄️☃️


Q: What are the best skincare products for winter in India?

A: The best skincare products for winter in India are probably the ones that save your skin from getting dull & dry. You can try Bayla's Peachy Boost Face Serum to fight that winter dullness and dry skin, Blueberry Face Mask for your damaged and dry skin, and Avo-Barrier Strengthening Moisturiser to strengthen your barrier and add radiance to your skin. Each product has a different mission, so pick the ones that suit your skin type and concerns.

Q: Why does my face get extremely dry in winter?

A: Well, the answer is quite evident. The humidity levels greatly drop in winter. Plus, the cold air can not retain moisture. That's how winters steal moisture from your skin and your face hits dryness.

Q: How to deal with red patches and red pimples on the face in winter?

A: To keep those red patches and pimples away, make sure that you don't let your skin get dry in winter. Try not to exfoliate that hard on your skin to avoid any rashes. Get a moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated all the time.

Q: What is the best serum for dry sensitive skin in winter?

A: To tackle dryness, look for serums that have ceramides or hyaluronic acid in them. Bayla's Peachy Boost serum can be a great choice for people hunting down the best serum for dry sensitive skin in winter. This serum gives your skin a boost of hydration, along with fitting into your skin needs (like anti-aging & skin brightening).

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