Winter Skincare Guide
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Your Winter Skincare Guide - 4 Habits For A Skintastic Winter

Burrrr! The winter forecast is un-brr-lieveable, and the cold winters call for cosy nights by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate. But, it also calls for dry, itchy skin along with other skin concerns. But, with the right winter skincare routine and wellness habits, you can keep them at bay. So, are you ready to have a skintastic winter? 

A. THE Winter Skincare Routine 

With the temps dropping, our skin tends to go dry n' chaotic. The biting chill squeezes the moisture out of our skin, leaving it dull n'dry. Looking for a quick n'easy solution? It's simple! All you have to do is tweak your routine with the best winter skincare products & ingredients, and these 6 steps.   

Step 1: Calm Your Skin With A Soothing & Gentle Cleanser   

Irrespective of the weather outside, every good skincare routine starts off with a cleanser. The only difference is in winters, you'd want to use a gentle & calming cleanser. The plummeting temperature outside strips your skin from its natural oils, and you don't want a cleanser to add fuel to the fire.   

Switching to a calming & gentle face cleanser will get rid of the dirt n' debris, while still keeping your skin's moisture intact. Plus, it hydrates that parched skin, and protects your skin barrier from any more damage from the cold. Keep an eye out for gel-based or cream-based cleansers with hydrating ingredients to do the trick!  

If you're on the lookout for hydrating cleanser to add to your collection of winter skincare products for acne prone skin, try our signature Raspberry Fresh Detoxifying + Hydrating Face Wash with Liquorice extract. Packed with the goodness of raspberries and liquorice, it detoxifies, cleanses and hydrates your skin, leaving it soft n'bright.   

Step 2: Exfoliate Your Skin  

Winter skincare is filled with many myths, and exfoliating your skin during the cold months is one of them. It may be tempting to skip exfoliating your skin with the cold air around.   

But, when done right, it removes any dead skin cells, and keeps your skin soft n'supple. All you have to do is tone it down a notch in the winter. Don't over-exfoliate your skin, as that could do more harm than good. Limit it to maybe once a week, and that'll still keep your skin happy n'healthy.   

Step 3: Mask It All The Way  

We all love a good face mask, especially during the colder months of the year. If you want to give your skin that extra sprinkle of love, layer it with a hydrating face mask that rejuvenates, refreshes and replenishes your skin all at the same time.   

Step 4: Drip That Serum  

These dry months do take a toll on your skin, leaving it dry & flaky. To reduce that, it's essential for you to add in super-hydrating face serums into your skincare routine for dry skin. Look for ingredients like aloe vera or hyaluronic acid as they are a hydration bomb for your skin, especially during the winters.   

Step 5: Don't Skip The Moisturiser  

For any winter skincare routine, a good moisturizer is pivotal. It gives your skin that hard-hitting burst of hydration it needs to tackle the strong weather outside. Plus, it keeps all the goodness from the above steps sealed into your skin with no way out.  

Step 6: Top It With A Sunscreen   

The cherry on the cake with any winter skincare routine is to finish it off with a sunscreen. Some days may be cold n'gloomy, whereas others may be cold yet sunny. Despite the cold weather, the harmful UV rays of the sun are still going to penetrate your skin. To prevent that, adding in a good sunscreen with at least an SPF 30 will protect & nourish your skin.  

B. Avoid Hot Showers 

We all get it. There's nothing better than a steaming hot shower on cold winter nights. But, it can actually aggravate your skin rather than soothing it. How does it work? Well, hot water actually strips your natural skin oils, leaving it even itchier & drier. That's why if you want warm up with a shower, then switch to lukewarm water. It gives you bit of warmth without damaging your skin.   

C. Save The Day With Fatty Acids

Apart from having a proper winter skincare routine, you need to give your body the right foods to fuel the day. Add fatty acids from olive oils, avocados, almonds, spinach, carrots, citrus fruits, and blueberries. Remember. Whatever you eat should be clean, simple and healthy.   

D. Stay Hydrated  

Apart from moisturizing your skin, you need to keep your body hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids to avoid drying out your body.   

All in all, the winter can definitely take a toll on your skin health if ignored. But, if you implement the right routines and habits, it's going to be quite skinterful!   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

1. Why skincare is important in winter? 

Winter season calls for dry, flaky skin which can often trigger other skin care concerns. That's why it's pivotal for you to have a good winter skincare routine for happy, healthy skin.   

2. What should I put on my face for winter weather? 

For your winter skincare routine, it's best to switch your gel-based products to cream-based ones for that extra burst of hydration.   

3. What is the proper skin care routine for dry skin?  

Your skincare routine for dry skin should start with a hydrating cleanser to remove the dirt & debris on your skin without disrupting the outer skin layer. Then, you should tone it with an alcohol-free toner. Last but not the least, add in a hydrating serum, and top it with a non-comedogenic yet nourishing moisturising to lock in the shots of hydration from the previous steps. 


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